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Commercial Construction 

It’s an exciting time; your company continues to grow as you’re setting your sights on constructing a new shopping center. But with great malls comes many tough decisions: aesthetics, number of floors, and capacity merely scratch the surface of planning for commercial construction


Ranging from epic shopping destinations to multi-million dollar oceanside mansions, Fischman Construction makes each build as straightforward as possible.  


How to Construct a Highly-Profitable Mall
What Type of Mall Are You Building? 

Depending on the space you have access to, you may be debating on several different style malls.  

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1. Neighborhood Center 

Generally speaking, these are the most compact malls that revolve around a shopping center with smaller surrounding stores. Neighborhood centers take the shape of a line and often an L and always have adequate parking.

2. Super-Regional Centers 

Giant regional shopping centers are the stereotypical large and imposing shopping malls surrounded by a vast moat-like parking lot often accompanied by a parking garage. Things to consider when building a mall of this magnitude: 


  • Add a form of entertainment 

  • A food court is a must-have 

  • Plan to add a parking structure 

3. Strip Malls 

The concept of open-air shopping facilities dates back to the early days of consumerism in our country. Fully enclosed malls are a much newer concept as they began in the U.S. during 1956 in Minneapolis. While enclosed malls are newer, they may not always be the best choice for gathering hordes of shoppers. 

Having a shopping center that incorporates green space, fresh air, and beautiful architecture proves time again better at retaining foot traffic. At Fischman Construction, we have the knowledge, team, and materials to deliver the shopping center you imagine! 

The Wow Factor 

Consider your prospective mall from the eyes of your future clientele and ask yourself what they’d want to see. Somethings may include: 


  • A grand main entrance 

  • Marble floors 

  • A focus on convenience 

  • More than enough parking 


Checking off each of these will lead to a truly jaw-dropping and memorable experience. Up until now, the stores in your mall haven’t been mentioned. Why? The stores in your centers are important but not more so than the design and functionality of your facility. 


Quality construction with the best materials in the right area will attract the businesses you need to bring the shoppers to your doors. To ensure the project turns out the way you envision, trust Fischman Construction with your upcoming project. 

Why Choose Fischman Construction?  

While many contractors build similar properties as we do, Fischman Construction goes above and beyond. We deliver quality results without fail, from the skill we hire to the high-end materials we exclusively build. 

Ready to Begin Commercial Construction

If you’re chomping at the bit to break ground, let’s discuss your plan as soon as possible. Call into our office today and begin the construction process no matter what that project turns out to be. Our team caters to builds ranging from stand-alone properties to multi-building endeavors.  

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