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High-End Residential Construction in Florida 

We all dream of owning an immaculate and luxurious home. Perhaps the time has come for you to prepare for breaking ground. There are many things to consider before you begin high-end residential construction in Florida. At Fischman Construction, we help you build your ideal new home. 


Florida Home’s Don’t Have Basements 

Florida is a long, flat state with hardly an elevation which causes a flooding problem. While flooding alone doesn’t stop homeowners in other states, high flood risk and an elevated water table coupled together prevent digging down deep. 


Groundwater, known as the water table, sits relatively close to the surface of the ground. In other states with higher elevations, this is no problem. Secondly, since the underground water is so near the surface, minor flooding can quickly raise water levels, causing widespread flooding, affecting downtown St. Augustine for example. 

Florida Home’s Don’t Have Basements 

Unless your home was built in the 1800s around the panhandle, your home might lack an attic. Why? The sunshine state receives an abundance of sunlight each day. As the rays from the sun pass your roof into your home, they become trapped in large attics. Rather quickly, these will warm your home, stressing your air conditioning unit. 

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What Style Home Interests You? 

Our state is graced by many influences spanning Spain and the Mediterranean while also paying homage to the Victorian style. Deciding which one you want early will render the other decisions easier. 

Spanish Style Homes 

Spanish Style Homes have: 


  • Slanted clay tile or terracotta rooves 

  • Small balconies off bedrooms 

  • Roman arcades and wooden casements as accents 

Mediterranean Houses 

Mediterranean Houses have: 


  • Stucco walls 

  • Tiled, slight-pitches rooves 

  • Large facades and arches 

Victorian Architecture 

Victorian Architecture’s key characteristics are: 


  • Narrow, tall design 

  • Elegant trims and decadent porch rails 

  • Smaller windows than other styles 

Ranch Style 

Consider a Ranch Style home for: 


  • A single level property 

  • Tall, sloped ceilings 

  •  Easy lanai and patio renovations 

Coastal Contemporary Homes 

Coastal Contemporary Homes: 


  • Optimize natural lighting with open concept designs 

  • Boast tall ceilings 

  • Have large floor-to-ceiling windows 

Choose the Right Flooring

This cannot be understated. Some flooring options suitable for northern climates aren’t able to withstand Florida’s humidity. For this reason, choose one of these flooring options that will withstand mother nature. 

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles 

Tiles are in the vast majority of homes in Florida for two key reasons: it’s nonporous surface and humidity resistance.

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl, an artificial material, withstands the Floridian climate as well as imitates hardwood flooring. Many homeowners love the look of wood, but unfortunately, non-modified wood can’t withstand water and humidity. For this reason, many choose vinyl. 

Engineered Hardwood 

If vinyl isn’t for you and tile is too hard on your feet, consider engineered hardwood. While not completely water-proof, these wooden floors contain layers of wood and acrylics, which aids in water repulsion.  

Ready to Begin High-End Residential Construction in Florida? 

At Fischman Construction, we honor your vision and strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Give our team at Fischman Construction a call today to begin planning for your future home! 

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